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About Me

Profile - Golden GateHi.. I am Harshal Priyadarshi. I am currently a graduate student, pursuing Masters in Computer Science at University of Texas at Austin. I completed my undergraduate (Bachelors) in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee in May 2015. In my 4 years of undergrads I have developed keen interest and hence worked in the field of Machine Learning and Software Engineering. I also do AI and Computer Vision. Though I have worked in OO domain for most of my life, everything Functional is my new love. Specially Haskell.

Curriculum Vitae

Please have a look at my resume here.
The resume was last updated on 20th February 2017.
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Programming Languages: Java, Python, C#, R, Scala, Haskell
Big Data:Apache Spark, Apache Kafka
Deep Learning: Caffe, Tensorflow, Dl4j
Visualization: Kibana, Seaborn
Systems:ElasticSearch, Apache Kafka
Areas of Interest: Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision
Hobbies:Nature Photography (Flickr , 500px)


Relevant Computer Science Courses,
Graduate Courses(UT Austin):

  • Algorithms & Complexity (Grade - 4)
  • Numerical Analysis & Linear Algebra (Grade - 4)
  • Computer Architecture (Grade - 4)
  • Natural Language Processing (Grade - 3.67)
  • Large Scale Machine Learning (Grade - 4)
  • Machine Learning (Grade - 4)
  • Reinforcement Learning (Grade - 3.33)
  • Visual Recognition (Grade - 4)
  • Information Retrieval(Grade - 4)
  • Programming Languages (Grade - Taking Now)
  • Communication Complexity (Grade - Taking Now)
  • Advanced Networking Protocol (Grade - Taking Now)
  • Operating Systems (Grade - Taking Now)
Graduate GPA: 3.89 / 4.00 (Spring 2017)

Undergraduate Courses(IIT Roorkee):
  • Programming in C++
  • Data Structures
  • Artificial Neural Network
  • Machine Learning
  • Image Signal Processing
  • Microprocessors
  • Computer Aided Graphics
Undergraduate GPA: 9.458 (with distinction)


Personal Mail: harshalpriyadarshi6@gmail.com
University Mail: harshal.priyadarshi@utexas.edu
Department Mail: harshal@cs.utexas.edu
Contact Number: (512)758-9516